# Colors

To change colors of the Siskin theme you need to look for assets/css/siskin/assets/screen.css file.

You should find something like this:

:root {

    /* Colors */
    --color-darkgrey: #35373A;
    --color-midgrey: #cdd5d9;
    --color-lightgrey: #e1e1e1;
    --color-wash: #e5eff5;
    --color-darkmode: #151719;
    --color-dark: #151719;
    --color-white: #FFF;
    --color-softergrey: #fafafa;
    --color-text: #0a171c;
    --color-meta: rgba(21,23,25,0.6);


Here you can easaly change the colors and then run gulp command to compile CSS file.

# How to change background color?

Here is an easy approach on how to change Sisking soft background color. You can simply paste this code into your Settings → Code injection page. You can put it inside head or footer section.

    background: rgba(220, 20, 60, 0.1);